"It has taken Boromir"


    The scenario assumes that Boromir successful wrested the One Ring from Frodo's hands.  The fate of Frodo is not known as of now. Boromir, now driven mad by the ring's power has decided to make a break for Gondor.  But upon his escape he must first make it through the enemy, and his former friends.  Fearing there might be evil in the ring, he refuses to wield it.


Evil Forces


27 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Shields

4 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Bows

Good Forces

Aragorn - With armor, Bow, Elven Cloak

Legolas - Elven Cloak

Gimli- Elven Cloak

Neutral Forces

Boromir, Captain of the White Tower (The One Ring has restored his power).



If playing with two people, at the beginning of each turn roll 1 Dice, the highest player gains control of Boromir.  Boromir must always charge towards the opposite table edge, and always engage in combat if required.  If 3 people are playing, ignore this rule, the 3rd person is always assumed in control of Boromir.

If Boromir is reduced to one wound by a good model, he surrenders the ring to them.  This reflects him having seen his folley.



Evil wins if they kill Boromir and run the ring off the table.

Good wins if they stop Boromir or kill him.

Draw if Boromir makes it off the edge (Or a win for the neutral party).