Legolas on Horseback

Legolas himself doesnt come on horseback, but according to the rules you can have him on a horse.  Here's a short guide and gallery to help you do the conversion.


1. Under the Knife

Take a hacksaw to a Rider of Rohan and to Legolas (I used HOHD Legolas). Cut them right about or beneath the belt. I cut at the belt because I wanted to utilize the RoR's peg so legolas would stick on top of the horse.

2. The stick n move

Use your favorite Super glue or adhesive to securely mount Legolas on the legs of RoR. Here you can pick his pose and arc, i went for apose that made him look like he was shooting and riding at the same time.

3. The Stuff!

Using Green stuff I filled in the gaps, then proceeding withbase coats of black. Then I made a mix of Dark Angels Green and black, successive highlights with DA Green and Goblin green. Final highlights with Gob Green and Bleached Bone onthe cloak.

4. Cloak and Dagger

As you can see i tried to match the folds in the cloak to the the rider of rohan model. I was a little impressed, but I think a GW sculpting tool would have worked better.

5. The Ride of Legolas

Final pose, did high lights of his leather with Scorched brown, then a wash of Black and Brown ink, then another highlight of Scorched Brown + Bleached Bone. Hair was down with Basecoat Beastial brown, Brown Ink ash, high lights with Beastial Brown gradually adding in Bleached Bone.

6. The End

Horse was done using RoR painting guides, or very similar too. The Terrain is just a standard 2x2 board I made for displaying models, I will have an article on that shortly.