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The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game gives you and your friends every opportunity to relive the excitement of the motion picture. Do you want to refight the tense and action-packed scenes from the Battle at Helm's Deep? You can! Will Frodo, Sam, and their companions make it out of the city of Osgiliath alive to continue on their journey to Mordor? Play the game to find out! All you need is an opponent, a handful of dice, a flat surface to play on and, of course, some of The Lord of The Rings miniatures, and you're ready to take the first steps down the path of Miniature Gaming.



Basic Explanation of the game:


If you have never played a tabletop wargame, The Lord of the Rings is a great place to start. It is a game that uses miniatures and dice to fight battles from the world of Middle-earth -- from encounters between a handful of warriors, to battles between hundreds of troops.

It's all about two people facing each other across a battlefield, each attempting to move their models into position to fire upon their opponent's force or attack them in hand-to-hand combat. The victor is decided by a combination of skill and luck by rolling dice to determine whether an arrow hits or a foe is struck down




New Scenario up, a little "What if?" of Amon Hen.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Check out the Isengard Troll in the galleries!!!


Arador, son of Argonui and Grandfather of Aragorn added!  Hasharii galleries added!


New galleries up from the NASA and Rice Village Tournaments!  Also check out the Troy expansion!


 Back Again, two new galleries.  The battle of Helms Deep 2, and charging Aragorn!


Sorry its been awhile.  Check out my new Grey Knights.  A bit off topic, but I started some 40k!


The Rangers of Gondor ambush the Uruks of the White hand, check out the gallery!


 New Terrain project, the Battle for Amon Anwar!


Gamesday August 20th Added!


Games Day Marque photos added!


Swan Knights of Dol Amroth and Rangers of the North Added!


Games Day July 31st Photo Gallery and Battle Report Posted!.


New Custom Scenario by Josh Rogerson!


Freshly painted, Boromir on foot and mounted!


New photos up from June 18th.  Jeff has some impressive units of Easterling's for those who haven't seen them painted and in action.


Thank's to Chris and his Dad for bringing their full scale model of Helm's Deep!  Sorry the pictures are blurry, had to use the camera phone!


Games Day Marquee and WK get together posted!  Check them out!


Had the final battle memorial weekend, was crazy.  I won the award for Best General!  Above is the Pre-Battle photo.



    Just added new Legolas pictures, see side panel.