Games Day August 31st 2004 Wild Knights

hosted by: Sativa



Battle Report

by: Vidar


We only had time to play one battle with 200pts we played MV capture the flag scenario

3 good generals > MV, Sativa, and Colby

3 evil generals > Sudo, Draven and Silver

Good guys picked side and Colby decide upon the fort giving the bad guy the ruins


Good MV = Gondor / Sativa = High Elves / Colby = Last Alliance

Evil Silver = Mordor orcs / Draven = Uruks / Sudo = mix Orcs & Uruks


1st turn good wins; exchange of bowfire good misses but Sudo Xbows find a target and 2 gondor men die. Both side close range

2nd turn good wins again; good bowfire fails again but Sudo Xbow kills one lone warrior

Close combat> draven 1 kill silver 1 kill gondor sudo 2 kills High elves, Colby the rookie general manages one kill for the good guys

3rd turn evil wins> Orc bowfire kills a citadel guard, close combat captain burns 2 might to win combat but no kills    Draven kills 1 High elf, Silver kills 2 gondor, and sudo kills 2 more gondor. Colby again gets 2 uruk kills


4th turn the young general kills one orc with bowfire, the King of men leading the Gondor burns a might to declare heroic combat, he wins and kills a uruk beserker and charges into more combat. MV manages 2 more uruk kills, in return evil side Draven kills a High elf, Sudo one more elf and Silver 2 more men

5th turn good wins colby manages another bowfire kill and sudo responds with xbow kill in close combat MV kills 2 more Uruks, in response Draven kills 2 elf and silver kills 2 men of gondor

6th turn evil wins colby keeps the streak alive and kills one more with bowfire in brutal close combat Sativa captain burns one might to stay alive, MV kills 1 uruk and Silver manages 2 gondor kills and Draven 1 elf


Turn 7th No targets for bows as everbody is engaged in close combat. Silver and Draven each get a kill, Sativa burns his fate to avoid a wound, MV manages 2 kills...

Turn 8 close combat rages on Sudo kills 3 for the bad guys, Sativa's elf captain gets one wound. MV kills 2 and Sativa Capt while wounded gets one kill.

Turn 9 the battlefield is a mass of bodies and pools of blood. Close combat continues> Draven burns 2 might to kill 1 Elf, Colby responds with one kill

Turn 10 Evil wins priority > Xbows of Sudo wound the King of Gondor. Citadel guards respond and wound on Uruk captain. . In close combat colby captain wins combat vs 6 foes and kill 2. MV kills 2 with King. Silver strikes back with one elf kill

Turn 11 Evil closes upon the good side flag while the good guys consolidate their forces and make their way towards the evil flag.

Colby fires and kills one orc and in close combat silver kills an elf in response.

Turn 12 good wins, Citadel kills a xbow Uruk, Sativa's captain kills 1 orc. A orc tracker manages to kill a citadel guard. In CC colby captain wins combat vs 5 foes, Sudo kills an elf and the King of Gondor kills 3 foes. Sudo paybacks the king with one citadel guard kill

Turn 13 this turn was truly bad for the good guys, colby's captain is slain defending the flag and the King of Gondor is xbowed and given a dirt nap. In close combat MV kills 2 more and sativa one more.

Turn 14 Evil has reach the good flag silver kills 1 citadel guard in cc and sativa kills one foe

Turn 15 an even exchange one cideal guard is killed by an orc and Sativa kills one bowman

Turn 16 Silver kills the last guy at the good guy fort, the good guys finally reach the evil flag but the field is empty of their troops while evil has 3 vs 1 advantage