Lord of the Rings Strategy Game

Capture the Flag Scenario Rules




Models begin the game within 6 inches of their own fortress

Both teams have equal point values.

Enemies must be 5 inches away from Fortress door entrance unless engaged in combat.

Models killed go to their "Penalty" box.   They return on the beginning of the next turn on a 5 or higher.  Heroes Return on a 6 followed by a 4 or greater.

Models return deployed 1 inch from the penalty Box

Once a flagged is picked up, the model's movement is reduced to Half.

A flag carrier who is killed drops the flag.  The opposing team has 2 rounds to pickup the flag or it is automatically returned to the fortress.  An enemy who kills the enemy flag carrier may pick up the flag on the next turn, that flag is automatically return to their base.

To score points, the model must touch its own flag which must be safely in its own fort.




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