Ambush on the Westfold

By: Josh Rogerson


Description: A group of Uruk-Hai and Wildmen are rapidly approaching a village on the Westfold, With the intention of burning it to the ground But Theofeth a captain of Rohan had been laying in ambush so under the cover of the fleeing villagers they sprung their trap.


Participants: Good: Theofeth(Use the stats for a captain of Rohan) 6 Rohan Royal Guard,10Riders of Rohan, &20 Warriors of Rohan6 with bows,8 with throwing spears and 6 with swords and shields.

Evil: 2 Uruk-Hai captains,1 Wildman Captain,8 Wildmen of Dunland,15 Uruk-Hai with pikes,6 Uruk-Hai with crossbows,&20 Uruk-Hai with swords and shields. Two  Uruk-Hai and one warrior/rider of Rohan can carry a standard.


Points match: If you want to use forces other than those listed here chose 650 points per side. Up to 40% of the force can be armed with bows.


Layout: This scenario is played on a 4x4 area with a path running from west to east across itís middle. 3 feet towards the east side of the area set up  8 houses tall enough to hide a Rider of Rohan, feel free to use jewelry boxes etc..


Starting positions: The Uruk-Hai start no more than 4 inches into the board area. The Riders of Rohan start hidden behind the houses.


Objectives: The Riders of Rohan need to kill all the Uruk-Hai with crossbows and 1 of the captains by the end of turn 10   And the Uruk-hai need to burn down 5 houses by the end of turn 10.


Special rules:

Fighting for the Homeland: Since the Riders/Warriors of Rohan are fighting for their Homeland they will not have to take ANY courage tests


Burning arrows: the Uruk-Hai with crossbows are firing flaming arrows and that is the only way to set a house on fire. To set the house on fire you roll a die 1-2-3 it is safe 4-5-6 it catches on fire.After two turns if it is not put out the house burns to the ground.


Dousing the fire: if two WARROIRS of Rohan stand still attached to the house for a whole turn they can declare that they are dousing the fire at the end of the turn they roll a die1-2-3-4-5 They put out the fire 6 they undergo a hit at strength 3 and the fire doesnít get put out.