Albion Gank Group

Patiently the fearless Albion FOTM Gank Group leader forms his crew in the expanse of frozen Midgard.

Midgard Gank Group

The fearless FOTM leader charges onward upon horse (The Zoo Expansion, Q4 2010).

The Clash

The Midgard Gank group, beeping their way to the jump engage the underpowered Albions!

The Leader Falls

Within seconds the brave Ice Wizard is slain, all those precious artifacts a tribute to his grave.

The Slaughter Ensues

The Midgardians with their endless fatigue continue to lay waste upon the poor disorganzied Ablions.

A Hero Arrives

Reht, fearless FOTM leader arrives to save the day.

The Backlash

The FOTM Mercenary of Albion (Now with 2h weapons and no double speccing, patch 2.20 Q3 2006)

The Showdown

FOTM Midgard vs FOTM Mercenary.

Place your bets.