The Dead Board-Troll Society



Deep under the tunnels of Camelot, down the hall from the Arawn secret catacombs in the janitor closet, a secret meeting of the greatest minds of Gawaine hold their weekly meeting.




Boridi: “Hahah, wtf stupid albs in emain keep unstealthing and stealing my lunch money! WT l337 skillz wont help me yet”.


Gothar: “Yeah, Well we were wtf pwning armies of albs and hibs last nite then the damn HK zerg took us out. No matter what we did we got rolled….no skill bastards…”


Quickly giving Gothar an evil star Moong FartBreaker stands up and sends a air biscuit in the fat trolls direction.


Moong: “Stop making excusing you radar using hack, I saw you on the AWACS…you zooming all over with your PAC healer norsewoman stripping squad!!!


Near the Donuts and Mountain Dew, the two l33t brothers finish stuffing their pimpled arses and come over to the circle to sit around.


Alexo: “teeezz ezz immmposseeble!!!’


Iliek: “mmm, keeeeeessss meh alexoh babuh”


The two l33t dudes begin to fondle each other whilst speaking their love making language that was often confused for poor typing skills.   Noticing a pamphlet protruding from Alexo’s pocket, “L33t mans guide to better l33tnesz”, Boridi chances it and lifts the pamphlet from Alexo and begins learning the new Jedi skills.


Whilst the two l33t dudes continue, DePenetrator finishing writing some information on the chalkboard on the wall.


DePenetrator: “Listen up chumps, I don’t care whos son you are, your all my sons and chumpas, well Malvegil 8 of 92 is a champ, but his other Evade-Clones aren’t as good.  That’s besides the point, we have to raise the bar on our trolling, lately busta’s like Guud, Loathario, Zuegi, Zorp, and etc, have been stealing or long hard earn efforts.”



The two l33t brothers look to DePend in shick


Alexo and Iliek: “DEEZ NUTTTZZ POZZIBLE!!!!!”


Malvegil Evade-Clones 8-12 of 92: “DEEZ NUTS IN YER MOUTH”


Proceeded with a big








The two l33t brothers fall weeping to the ground.


Alexo and Iliek: “deeez NEG NEG FAIREEENESSS”


Enter Commercial clip:


From the Lower left corner sticks an ugly Mongoloid head:





Commerical proceeds with Guud walking up to various contests on the Guud Show, starring Retaliation, Loathario, Asleiph and Greybitch.


Guud: “Now who here today wants to win a Box of GUUDS!!! New and Improved “Cry more n00b” scent along with the extended life “Use Tactics” non-allergenic!”.


Guud: “Now, how this works is, who has the best whine for the day wins both new products!, Retal, your first!”


Retaliation: “Its simple, I was in my 8 <cough> 200 <cough> man group yesterday in Emain, I got WTF zerged at AMG by a bunch of Drunken Irish man and midgets, with overpowered stun!!!  Then this stupid tank and pussy assassin came out no where and killed my ass in one shot!”


Insert audience comment:


Boridi: “Cry more n00b!”


Guud:” Ok next, Loathario”


Loathario: “Two things, Killable Dragon, Air pets….NERF”


Guud: “Sure thing bubble boy, Asleiph”


Asleiph: “I don’t even play this game, how bout I seduce you for those Guud’s”


Guud: “Eh, GreyBiotch?”


Greybitch: “Ok, we get our ass handed to us on a daily basis, have a low population, everyone in Midgard is out to kill their own realm….but we kill and Alb once!”


Guud: “Well, with so many good whines, I’ll just have my own! Homo Minstrels climbing keeps to take a peek at my arse, Dragonfag using infil-punks…I think ill keep these to myself!!”


Retal, Loath, Asleiph, GreyHoe: “WTF”


Return to out regular schedule program.


Malvegil Evade-Clone 8 – 92 : “Like DePenetrator was saying, we need to up the spam, other wise the HK chicks are going to clock deez nuts for much longer.”


Gothar: “Ok, I got it.  Post about how mid sucks, DePenetrator will come in to back you up, Boridi with cry more noob us, and Ill bitch back then Alexo and Iliek can post stupid screen shots and we’ll have a master piece!”


Chanting together: “One board troll to rool dem all!”


Then yelling the battle cry whilst running out the door holding their janitorial equipment