The Relic Ė From the eyes of a Knight.



I had just returned from my honeymoon in Spain with my new wife, Antalia.   We had spent a week riding horses through Castille, and the evenings at the castle of my good uncle.  It was a time of our lives, yet we knew we would have to return home one day soon.


A messenger arrived at the castle.  I was quickly called to the chambers of my uncle; he gave me the bad news.   Albion was under siege; the evil army of Hibernia had taken 3 of our keeps.  My heart fell to the floor, just a few days ago was the happiest moments of my life, now my very home was at peril!


Quickly I awoke my wife and told her to pack her belongings and to don her armor.  My uncle, wrought with grief hugged me and wished me well and for of Albion.  As a wedding present he had given me a sword, a Gladius of an ancient roman emperor.  I accepted the gift and quickly made my way to our horses.


Days passed as we rode across Spain to our ships.  My wife and I were silent, fret upon returning to our home in flames and ruin.  Various images of my fellow comrades dying and our relic being stolen filled my mind.   If not for my faithful wife to comfort me I do not think I would have been ready for the challenges ahead of me.


Another day passes as we cross the ocean and land on the shores of Lyonesse.  A dark cloud covered Albion, and the smell of death was in the air. As we rode towards Camelot we noticed the countryside all but deserted.  The gloom began to set upon me.  I looked to my wife, her beauty reminded me what I was here fighting for, so I strode on.


I rode into Camelot, seeing the injured laying in the alleyís, and many warriors limping along the streets.  My wife made her way to the church; I made mine to the roundtable.  Many knights sat arguing and debating tactics. It was Albionís darkest hour.


Word came via a scout; Hibernia was en route to Caer Hurbury.  With what little time we had, we sent a small diversion force to Hurbury.  The rest of our forces split between the relic keeps.


I arrived at the Merlin relic keep; with my wife beside me we went to work on the battlements.  I had just bought a fresh stack of bolts for my new Xbow.  The air was filled with anxiety and excitement.  Many of us hoped that Hurbury would hold, that we would be the ones to rush in as the cavalry.


Hurbury fell.


Panic arose, more troops fleeing Hurbury piled into our keep.  Rumors spread that the Hibernian army was massive, pushing siege engines.   The morale seemed to drop, people feared that this might be it.  


The ground rumbled.


We could hear the war cries of the army of evil approaching; their faces smirked with evil glee.  Would this be the fall of Albion? Would we lose our holy icon? 


Archers and casters lined the battlements, arrows whizzed back and force.


Swifff! Swifff! Aiiyeee!!!


Both sides suffered casualties.  The evil rogues of Hibernia climbed the walls assassinating many of our comrades.  Our clerics and friars were busy tending to the wounded.  Chaos was abrupt, it look as if our numbers were dwindling quickly.  Reinforcements would not be coming. 


It was us versus them.


Their army, four times the size of our defending force. The Albionís who would not abandon their post manned the walls.   Sacrificing their blood to defend what was so holy to them.  It was a moment of unity, purpose, and camaraderie.


I shot my xbow repeatedly, only stopping to gather more bolts.  My wife chanted the hymns of her church, which were so angelic my wounds, seemed to heal.   I was invincible along side my wife, she resurrected our dead and kept me going. 


The enemy still came, hordes of them.  It seemed as if soon we would be overwhelmed.  The doors of our mighty keep began to falter.  We needed a miracle.  I gathered with a group of our bravest knights and clerics.  Our plan was to come from the side and take out a small force that was guarding our supply line.


The knights I formed with were the finest in Albion, renowned for their battle prowess and valor.


We didnít even have to speak; each knight knew his job and duty.  Out the side keep door we went, and a slaughter we created.  With ruthless precision our team slaughtered thrice our number.


Then a fresh dispatch of Keep guards arrived, we ran to their aid.  The Knights of Albion fought we a courage unseen, taking down opponents left and right.   From the walls of the keep I saw my wife watching on, I wave to her as I impaled another foe upon my pike. 


The tide was changing, the Hibernianís obviously shocked at the courage of the knights of Albion had not planned for this.  We cut through their armies like a tornado through a cornfield.  The odds against us, it was a battle you read about in mythic tales.  Heroes were made that day.


The signal was passed.


Out poured from the gates of our Keep our forces to purify the field of the foul blood of the invaders.  The day was won.  Albion had once again come to gather on the brink of destruction to fight back the hordes of invaders.


The tale does not end here, for with their courage, the mighty realm of Albion reclaimed their keeps and thus in turn invaded Hibernia.


They had awoken the sleeping giant.  Albion was in its mightiest at that moment; even others who had been enemies became friends. 


What we have witnessed in these moments is what Albion should be.  We are our own worst enemy.  Together we can conquer our foes, that much has been proven.  Let us remember our fallen comrades and how we saved our realm by forgetting our egos.