Battle of the Milegate



A call to arms had been called.  


I had been working down in the Lyonesse region, helping some of my younger brethren gain experience in the way of monster slaying.  It had been a good day, and I had myself come across some very valuable treasure.


But now was the time for war.  The words ‘Relic’ pierced my soul.  Word was we had struck back against Hibernia.  The generals and I had planned for days on how we would take them back, had awaited a moment to strike.


News had came earlier that day, the Hibernia’s had been fortifying their Power keep.   They expected an attack there, where our scared Staff of Merlin was held.  The War council knew it would be difficult, if not possible with the Armies of Hibernia on full alert status.  So again, Albion did what was impossible.


I rode as fast as I could, pushing my horse to the max.  The hot sun beat down on me, I perspired profusely.  The landscapes quickly change, from marsh, to forest, to open plains, then into the rolling hills of Camelot.  I hear the sounds of men clad in armor ahead at the Caste Sauvage, it has begun.


The stable master grabs the reigns and helps me dismounts, he looks at me.


“Welcome Lord Malvegil, we are honored to have you here.”


I put me hand on his shoulder.


“The honor is mine to server our great nation, strength and honor.”


A tear falls from his eye.


“Strength and Honor good knight, may you prevail.”


That was what I was fighting for, the freedom and peace of the common man. 


I walked into Sauvage, to see old friends and comrades.  I looked up as the sun’s rays crept over the battlements, the last rays of sun soon fading into the evening.  The air was wrought with the smell of steel and sweat. I spotted Salli Fadri and raised my hand in salute.


“Hail, you know where.”

Salli grinned and handed me a medallion.


“Looks foul, Lord Knight, their armies have mobilized and we have the relic.”


“Salli, we’re going to win.   Want to know why? Because its in our hearts.”


Salli nodded and I made my way to the pad.


I soon found my brother and my wife, and our comrades quickly joined us.  We stood in silence as we contemplated the upcoming battle.  Would we win? We would die? But most importantly would the relic make it through?


The wizards came and soon within moments we appeared in Hibernia, the devil’s nation.


It was morning in Hibernia, the mist rolled off the grassy plains.  The air was clean; it was as if the world was born anew.  My plate armor shone brightly that day, and I clenched my fist around my Pike. Today was a day they talk about in tales, today was what a knight lived for. 


I helped relay the message to the other Albions to head towards the Mile gate, where we would make our stand against the Hibernians.  Our duty was to get the relic team through, not to concern with any other matters.  If my sacrifice meant me dying so be it.  I removed my helm and kissed my wife. 


Ching! Chang! Flump!


The sounds of battle rang through the vales as we neared the Mile Gate.  I could see the dead and wounded strewn about.  I was a stalemate.  Reports came in telling us of the massive army poised behind the gate.  We were outnumbered.


Word of the relic team approaching spread like wildfire; soon we had to decide when to move.  I met my comrade, knight-in-arms, Sir Coupland.  We did the warrior clasp handshake.


“We move in one minute, ready your troops”


“Ready to die, lets us go down in glory”


“Strength and Honor”


“Strength and Honor”


The tension and anxiety was high, this was going to be the big push.  Many would die, but they would die for a cause greater to them every known.  I spoke an incantation as I brandished my Pike.   The pike came aflame with a magical blue fire, the cleansing fire of the righteous!


“Charge now!”


The order was given, I relayed to those in the back.


“Charge now! Kill them all! Everyone Fights! No retreat!”


I was proud to be an Albion that day, we rushed through those gates like they were the gates of Heaven themselves.


Ching! Chang!  Thwimpp! Ching!


The armies of Albion and Hibernia clashed.  Magic and steel met with a fury!  The deafening sound almost made it seem so silent and in slow motion.


Quickly I darted through slaying a Firbolg beast camping in the entranceway, then swung to the left to take out their casters and bards.  My comrades wouldn’t stand a chance unless their casters and bards were down.


Spliffttt! Thwummpp!  Chinkkk!


Many of the point eared devils fell quickly. I cut throw them like the grim reaper, my silver armor blinding them as my pike impaled them to the ground.


Over my shoulder I noticed a knight in a tangerine color, she was mesmerized and being beaten by three of the dishonorable Hibernians.  Quickly I ran to her aid with a rage so hot, I seemed to immolate! 


Ching! Chang! Flummp!


I begin to clean the heathens and deliver them unto death.  The young knight, a holy warrior known as Schloot thanked me.  I nodded and began to make my way towards the users of the demonic arts.


The chaos was abound, the number of Hibernian’s was simply to great.  Yet Albion and its children fought with a fury the Hibernian’s could not even match.  Leagues upon leagues of the dead were around, yet they still fought on.  Our numbers dwindled, yet we fought to the last Albion.


Then, in our darkest hour, I notice the familiar faces of our relic team jumping the wall.


Victory was ours.


With renewed vigor I ran into the horde of Hibernian’s, hoping to take as many as the devil’s with me as I could.


Ching! Chang! Thwwumpp!


Then I was noticed, the demonic powers or Hibernia focused their power on the icon of good.


Thwwaampp! Braarrrrr! Thwaammmp!


I charged the leader of the worshippers of evil.  The punishment and pain I endured tore through my very soul, but yet I charged on.


I raised my pike and jumped.   I impaled the wizard on the ground and we fell.   I looked into the eyes of the devil.   I saw the life drain from his eyes.


 I smiled.


I quickly faded into the darkness, but my journey was a happy one.


I had server my realm, I had died for it, my sacrifice, and our sacrifice had helped Albion win the day.